Sample SLAM Legislative Letter

Here is a sample letter that you can alter to suit your community and legislators:


Depending on your view from the Capitol, you may see the rising walls of the new State Library, Archives and Museum building in Juneau.

This project is at a critical juncture in terms of funding.  The Governor designated $15 million for the project, even though $37.215 million is required to finish the project. If this final funding request is not met this year, the project will stop mid-construction. Currently the State has a guaranteed maximum price on the project, but that will expire if full funding does not come forth this year. If this happens, the construction project will have to go out for bid again, and the cost will certainly rise. Moreover, the State estimates that de-escalating and mothballing the construction project will cost over $9 million. As a result, the fiscally conservative move is to fully fund the project now. We ask for an additional $22.215 million to be included in the Capital Budget.

The new SLAM building improves government efficiency by uniting the entire division under one roof. Once the building is constructed and the division has moved, the entire 7th and 8th floors of the State Office Building will be available. This means that the State can consolidate offices in leased buildings, further saving money on rent.

The state-of-the-art museum, library, and archive will showcase and preserve the treasures entrusted to the State of Alaska. It is a modern structure that will house the materials that are fundamental to the identity of our state. The current Alaska State Museum and Archive buildings are in serious disrepair. The objects and archives held within are in danger as a result. It is critical for the safety of our state’s treasures that the new facility is fully funded.

I am writing so impress upon you that this is not just a Juneau project. It is one that matters to constituents throughout the state of Alaska, including in HOME.

(Language about services that the Division of Libraries, Archives, and Museums provides in your community, or treasures that they hold)