Current Issue

Volume 32 / Number 2/ Fall 2017


  • Chris Allan, “Ho! for Sitka: ‘Special Correspondents’ and the Race to Report on the 1867 Transfer of Russian America to the United State”
  • Andrei V. Grinëv, translated by Richard Bland, “Foreign Ships along the Shores of Russian America
  • Dorota Kupis, “The Peel River People and Their Land”


  • David J. Silverman, Thundersticks, Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America, William E. Simeone
  • Raymond L. Hudson, Family After All: Alaska’s Jesse Lee Home, Volume 1, Rebecca Poulson
  • Catherine Holder Spude, editor, All for the Greed of Gold: Will Woodin’s Klondike Adventure, Maureen Long
  • Aaron Saunders, Stranded:  Alaska’s Worst Maritime Disaster Nearly Happened Twice, David Leverton
  • Chris Allan, Arctic Odyssey:  A History of the Koyukuk River Gold Stampede in Alaska’s Far North, Russ Vander Lugt
  • Michael Gates, From the Klondike to Berlin:  The Yukon in World War I, Mark Rice
  • Christine and Dennis McClure, We Fought the Road, Susan Larrabee
  • Ray Bonnell, Interior Sketches:  Ramblings around Interior Alaska history sites, Robert E. King
  • James Perrin Warren, Placing John Haines, Rolfe G. Buzzell
  • Clive Thomas, editor, with Laura C. Savatgy and Kristina Klimovich, Alaska Politics and Public Policy:  The Dynamics of Beliefs, Institutions, Personalities, and Power, John Havelock