Current Issue

Volume 33 / Number 1/ Spring 2018


  • Nora Marks Florendo Dauenhauer, “Filipinos in Postwar Juneau and the Roles of Tlingit Women in the Filipino Community”
  • David Reamer, “Without Open Arms: The Alaska Response to the World War II-Era Refugee Crisis”
  • Preston Jones, “Yankee Victory in the Philippines and a Sense of Power in the Yukon Territory, 1898–1901”


  • Stephen R. Bown, Island of the Blue Foxes: Disaster and Triumph on the World’s Greatest Scientific Expedition, Ray Hudson
  • William L. Lang and James V. Walker, Explorers of the Maritime Pacific Northwest: Mapping the World through Primary Documents, Marvin Falk
  • Michael P. Dyer, A“O’er the Wild and Tractless Sea” – Original Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt, Kesler Woodward
  • Bev Sims and Dianne Zitnik, Our Fur-Fathers of Southwest Alaska, Stephen J. Spurr
  • R. Bruce Craig, editor, Portrait of a Prospector—Edward Schieffelin’s Own Story, Tom Bundtzen
  • Mary F. Ehrlander, Walter Harper: Alaska Native Son, Margaret Thomas
  • Janet R. Collins, On the Arctic Frontier: Ernest Leffingwell’s Polar Explorations and Legacy, Chris Allan
  • John Haile Cloe, Attu: The Forgotten Battle, Galen Roger Perras
  • Steven C. Levi, In the Right Place at the Right Time, A Biography of Grenold and Dorothy Collins, John B. Branson
  • Skip Coghlan, Wasilla: A Great Place Among the Lakes, The Centennial History 1917-2017, Coleen Mielke
  • Alexander B. Dolitsky, Old Russia in Modern America: Living Traditions of the Russian Old Believers, Sergei I. Zhuk