Current Issue

Volume 36 / Number 1/ Spring 2021


  • William Schneider, “When a Small Typo Has Big Implications”
  • Chris Allan, “Daredevil: How the Aviator Clarence Prest Tried (and Failed) to Pioneer an Air Route through Alaska to Siberia”
  • Sergei Kan, “Orthodox Church Brotherhoods of the Sitka Creoles, 1870s–1910s”


  • Andrei Val’terovich Grinëv, Russian Colonization of Alaska: Baranov’s Era, 1799–1818, Richard L. Bland, translator, Stephen Haycox
  • Cheryl Fair, Joe Quigley, Alaska Pioneer, Beyond the Gold Rush, Robert L. Spude
  • Amy Phillips-Chan, Images of America – Nome, Gary Gillette
  • Hank Lentfer, Raven’s Witness: The Alaska Life of Richard Nelson, Frank Soos