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1950 Census Records

Date Posted: April 6, 2022       Categories: News

On April 1, 2022, the National Archives released the 1950 census records. They have created a website (https://1950census.archives.gov/) that provides full access to the 1950 census images, including population schedules, enumeration district maps, and enumeration district descriptions.

The searchable website includes:

  • Approximately 6.57 million population schedules
  • 33,360 Indian Reservation schedules
  • 9,634 enumeration district maps images
  • 234,447 enumeration district descriptions
  • Location and name-based search capabilities. Explore the records by State, County/City, Name, Reservation, and Enumeration District.
  • Name transcription capabilities. Use the built-in transcription feature to correct and add names to the name index. You can help make the 1950 Census population schedules more discoverable for everyone.