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2015 Conference Update

Date Posted: August 13, 2015       Categories: News

Early-Bird Registration for Annual Conference ends August 31!

Visit the conference website at www.cordova2015.org

It’s easy to register online…. pay either with your credit card OR mail us a check!

Please let us know if you have any trouble with the registration page.

Post Conference Tours are now posted at the website!
We have FIVE different choices for Post Conference tours on Saturday afternoon, two of which are free of charge. Check out the details of these interesting and fun offerings, at the website under the “Program” tab ( www.cordova2015.org/images/MAK2015Post-Conference.pdf ).

There’s also a “Historic Bar Crawl” tour offered after the banquet Friday night!

You can register for these tours either through the Registration forms OR through a separate Post Conference Tour reservation form posted below the tour description tab
http://www.cordova2015.org/program/2015-08-11-18-46-31/post-conference-tour-paypal-purchase-form ).

Some of the tours:

Sightseeing Cruise on the Vessel Auklet – $200 pp
Join local naturalists and skilled sailors Dave and Annette Janka on a tour on the waters of Orca Inlet and Bay. This trip on a 58-foot classic wooden motor vessel will pass by former cannery sites including Orca Cannery and Shepherd Point Cannery. Because there is a high tide on this day the trip will include a special feature – slipping into the incredible ‘Hole-in-the-Wall. Definitely sea otters and various birds: marbled murrelets, bald eagles, common murre, loons, scoters, various species of gulls; probably some seals, sea lions and some migratory birds. Includes mountain scenery along with human and natural history. Snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft drinks. A chance of Dall’s porpoise, humpback whale, orcas, black bear on the shore. (www.auklet.com)

Crystal Falls Cannery Tour – $75 pp
Join Jack and Cherrie Stevenson as they whisk you down the Eyak River to see the remains of two 1920s era canneries. Jack and Cherrie are willing to make multiple trips if there is interest. An exciting trip on an airboat. Recommended to have rain gear and boots and possibly hats and gloves!

Tour the Cordova Docks – $5 pp
Ever heard of a highliner? Is that a king or a sockeye? What does it mean to get corked? Come walk the docks with the Copper River Watershed Project and discover the inner workings of Cordova’s fishing industry. Learn about the fish and fishermen that make Copper River Salmon so special. You’ll see working fishing boats, talk to a fisherman or two and hear tales of the sea. We’ll send you home with a can of salmon!