Sample Museum Capital Projects Letter

Here is a sample letter to send in support of a museum construction grant program that you can alter to suit your community and legislators:

Alaska State Capitol
Room xxx
Juneau, AK  99801

Dear <<Elected_Official>>:

I am contacting you today to ask you to support HB-52 [or SB-61], establishing a museum construction grant program.  Research shows that almost half of all museums in the state are either currently involved in a construction project or will be in the next five years. That is incredible. This bill provides the structure for establishing a systematic approach to prioritizing museum capital project funding requests in the state.

Museums and cultural organizations in Alaska are a critical part of the educational and economic infrastructure, spurring tourism and partnering with schools to teach the local curriculum. They contribute to our economy and well-being by:

  • Employing over 260 Alaskans;
  • Spending over $23,553,294 annually in the State;
  • Hosting over 624,695 visitors annually;
  • Serving over 36,290 school children annually.

Despite this vital role of museums, our facilities and collections are at risk through decreasing federal, local and charitable giving.  As collections grow and visitation increases, the pressure on our aging infrastructure must be managed.  The _________Museum is no stranger to this trend. <<Your Museum Current Situation>>

<<Your stakeholder Story here>>

I urge you to support HB-52 [or SB-61], establishing a museum construction grant program, so that museums throughout the state of Alaska may continue to serve their communities.  Help us make this bill a reality, speak up for Alaska’s museums!


<<Your Name>>
<<Your affiliation>>