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Alaska Historical Society’s Logo Redesign and Brand Guidelines

Date Posted: April 5, 2023       Categories: 49 History

Request for Proposals
Alaska Historical Society’s logo redesign and brand guidelines

Project Information
The Alaska Historical Society is a non-profit, educational institution dedicated to encouraging
creative inquiry into our past, facilitating and advocating for the sharing of information, ideas
and resources related to Alaska history, and promoting the value of history in contemporary life.
We believe the history of Alaska is the history of many groups and peoples who have shaped this
place, including Alaska Native peoples as the first Alaskans, and those from every continent and
population group. Governed by a 15-member board of directors, the Society provides numerous
opportunities to achieve these goals, including a semi-annual scholarly journal, a quarterly
newsletter, website and frequent social media communications with our members and the public.
We are in the process of redesigning our journal and want to use the opportunity to redesign our
long-time logo and develop brand guidelines. The new logo and guidelines will be used in all our
publications, on social media, on our letterhead and to help convey to members and the public
our values. Those values include inclusivity, wisdom, integrity, enlightened civil discourse and
factual storytelling in both the written and oral forms.

There is confusion and criticism of our current logo, which many perceive to be reflective of the
Russian tzarist-era double-headed eagle rather than the broad diversity of Alaska history we
strive to represent. At the same time, we want advice from a designer about the use of typeface
and colors in all our publications, website and social media materials.

We are seeking an experienced designer to help us develop a new logo which meets the
following criteria:
• Is easily identifiable as representing the Alaska Historical Society;
• Better reflects Alaska’s Indigenous history and contributions;
• Can be used in various sizes and colors and is in a shape which fits our publications;
• Is simple and clean in appearance.

Scope of Services
The AHS is seeking proposals for a redesign of the logo and brand guidelines, including:
• Meeting the above criteria;
• Providing options for use of the logo in different colors;
• Suggesting typefaces and a color palette for use throughout our materials;
• Will meet the test of time and is not gimmicky.
The AHS hopes to have a new logo ready for use for our 2023 conference in early October. The
contractor should expect to meet via Zoom several times with a committee of Society members.
The first meeting is to suggest ideas, followed by two or three meetings to review draft logos and

Proposal Content
Proposers submitting a response to the RFP are to provide:
• Business background/resume,
• Several samples of work,
• 2-3 references,
• Budget/costs – our goal is no more than $2,000 (paid hourly or at a flat fee).

Responses to this RFP are due April 28, 2023, and should be sent to:

Images of the Society’s publications and social media are on AHS website,

Questions regarding this request for proposals should be directed to