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Denali Centennial 2013

Date Posted: June 17, 2013       Categories: 49 History

Members of the Centennial Expedition depart from
Wonder Lake on June 8. (Photo courtesy Tom Walker)

Among the many events this year commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of the first ascent of Mount McKinley, the most ambitious is without question the Denali Centennial 2013 Expedition. Ken Karstens, Ray Schuenemann, Dan Hopkins, Sam Tatum, Dana Wright, and Sam Alexander are climbing Denali this month. All are descendants of or are representing the original 1913 team: Karstens and Shuenemann are descendants of Harry Karstens, Hopkins of Hudson Stuck, Tatum of Robert Tatum, and Wright of Walter Harper. Alexander is representing John Fredson and Esaias George, Alaska Native teenagers who maintained the base camp for the 1913 expedition.
Also, see here for Diana Campbell’s Fairbanks Daily News-Miner article about the climbers.

For the first time in history, descendants of all six original participants in the 1913 expedition of Mount McKinley gathered outside the Denali Visitor Center on June 7. (NPS Photo by Charlotte Bodak)