Tue, February 03, 2015

Northern Alaska Sea Ice Project Jukebox


The Oral History Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is proud to announce the completion of the Northern Alaska Sea Ice Project Jukebox, available on-line at People who visit the website can access oral history recordings that offer a rich understanding of sea ice and changing conditions in the north.


This project highlights conversations with 26 residents of the North Slope of Alaska recorded between 1978 and 2013 talking about sea ice conditions, observations over time, and changes that are occurring. The goal has been to offer long-term observations about sea ice in northern Alaska in order to inform the scientific community’s understanding of sea ice and climate change over a longer timeframe and through a broader lens, and to help the Inupiaq community share traditional knowledge between generations.


This project was supported by funding from the North Pacific Research Board.


For more information about the project, please contact:

Karen Brewster, Research Associate, University of Alaska Fairbanks    (907) 474-6672


Leslie McCartney, Curator of Oral History, University of Alaska Fairbanks (907)474-7737