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Project Coordinator Position Available

Date Posted: May 4, 2018       Categories: News

Anway Cabin Project Coordinator 2018, Haines, Alaska


The Chilkat Valley Historical Society has for several years been restoring the Charles Anway cabin and outbuildings at 2.5 mile Haines Highway. Along with the cabin, wood shed and outhouse, the Society owns approx. one acre of the old Anway Homestead. The property includes woods, lawn, a creek (Forest Creek), and the cabin. There is also a strawberry garden that we want to enlarge. The goal of this project is to have a restored historic property with interpretation along the Haines Highway Scenic Byway that can be used as an interpretive site for visitors; a field-trip learning site for school classes; and an event site for local residents.


A to-do list was compiled this spring that includes most of the remaining projects. The CVHS has a pool of eager volunteers, many of whom have indicated the types of projects they would like to work on. The goal this summer is to complete as many projects as volunteers and time allow.

There are several types of projects on the ‘to-do’ list:
1. Repetitive projects involving a single person or small group, for example, gardening and weeding or mowing the lawn;
2. Working with Terry Jacobson, our historic preservation carpenter. He will probably work one day a week and will need differing numbers of volunteers (usually 1-4, more or less) depending on the ongoing project on cabin, shed or outhouse;
3. Short distinct projects requiring 1-2 people for example, painting the window frames; (make sure that one person is not out there doing a dangerous job, such as standing high on a ladder, by themselves)
4. Long term projects requiring multiple people (or small committee), for example finishing the interior walls – planning, purchasing, stripping and wallpapering. Another project example might be making progress with parking areas; and,
5. Large group projects/work parties, for example, clearing brush or trail building.


Working with the Anway committee co-chairs, the Project Coordinator will:
1. Familiarize him/herself with the plans and goals of the Anway project and with the list of projects to be accomplished this summer;
2. See that as many items as possible are completed on the check list;
3. Be the catalyst to match volunteers with jobs;
4. Keep workers motivated and projects happening;
5. Work with specific project organizers (for example Terry Jacobson);
6. Be the main contact person for volunteers;
7. The coordinator is encouraged to promote the project and encourage new volunteers;
8. Be at the work site (or spot check) assisting the co-chair and/or, on his/her own oversee a large work party or work project;
9. See that proper tools are available for projects; (Some tools are on-site. Sometimes people will need to bring tools, and occasionally the CVHS will purchase tools. We own a lawn mower, wheelbarrow some gardening supplies and some small tools that are stored in the shed. )
10. Be expected to help with the larger work parties; and,
11. If the work for the day requires advertising email and or calling people to help, the Coordinator will see that it is done.


1. The Coordinator will be provided with a list of volunteers and their contact information.
2. The Project Coordinator will be responsible to the Board of Directors but work directly with the Committee co-chairs or designee.
3. Work dates are: from hire date in May through end of Sept, approximately 20 weeks.
4. It is expected that the job will range from 0- 15 hours each week and average approximately 5-6 hours/week.
5. The Project Coordinator must have a valid Alaska business license.
6. Compensation is $2000.


1. The Project Coordinator must have excellent people skills;
2. Have excellent organizational skills;
3. Have phone and internet access;
4. Have a computer and know how to use Microsoft Word and Excel;
5. Be self motivated;
6. Have the ability to learn and understand the project;
7. Be able to lift 25 lbs., use hand tools and occasionally climb a ladder;
8. Be able to access all parts of the cabin and property; and,
9. Have a business license.

If you are interested in applying or have any questions, contact: Cindy Jones 907-766-2018