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Workshop: Alaska Court Records Research

Date Posted: September 17, 2022       Categories: News

October 7, 9:30am
Workshop: Alaska Court Records Research
With Niesje Steinkruger, retired Superior Court Judge, and Karen Gray, State Archivist
Alaska State Archives, Juneau, Alaska

There is a wealth of family, tribal, village, and community history in Alaska’s court records. You will find births, deaths, marriages, adoptions, inquests, wills, village boundaries, estates, licenses, criminal cases, lawsuits, and territorial justice and record keeping that is not available elsewhere. Villagers will find new stories and sources of their tribal history.

This is a hands-on research workshop where you will be looking at and reading the actual records.

Note: If you plan to come, email nsteinkruger@me.com with the names of the village, town, or subject you are interested in so the appropriate docket books can be pulled from the shelves and be available.

For more information, see the workshop’s informational flyer.