Thu, September 17, 2015

Cordova Transportation

Notes About Transportation and RIDES NEEDED

2015 Annual Joint Meeting in Cordova


News about Shuttles, Taxis, and RIDES NEEDED


Below we describe what’s available to transport you into downtown Cordova depending on your arrival by plane or ferry.

Please send a short email to us with the day and time of your arrival. Send info to That way, we can be sure enough transport is available!


LOOKING for rides: A few folks (from Kodiak or elsewhere) NEED A RIDE from Anchorage to Whittier (and I assume, back to Anchorage on Sunday). IF you have room in your car for a rider, please let me know and I’ll connect you with those looking for rides!!!


Cordova is small enough for easy walking so long as it’s not downpouring or windy… there will be a van shuttling throughout the conference among the hotels and BnBs where you may be staying. The Cordova Center building is centrally located and all conference activities will occur in it and the adjacent Pioneer Igloo lodge.

There is also a taxi operating, phone 907-253-5151.


We’ll have a 12-passenger van meet the ferry on its arrival Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon/evening. If we need to, we can make multiple trips; the ferry is about 1 mile from downtown or 1 mile from Orca Adventure Lodge.

It will help us to know HOW MANY of you plan to arrive on the ferry without a vehicle so that we can get you promptly shuttled to your lodging. Please email if you will need a ride from the ferry to your hotel or BnB.

ARE YOU ARRIVING at Cordova’s M.K. Mudhole Smith Airport?

We will primarily use the services of a shuttle operated by Chinook Auto Rental which charges $11 per person.

PLEASE EMAIL to make your reservation for a shuttle space!

M.K. Mudhole Smith airport is 13 miles from downtown.