Fri, September 20, 2013

Denali still great…but 83 feet shorter…

The great Denali, as you may have heard, is eighty-three feet shorter than previously thought. As a result of a federal-state radar mapping project, surveyors now put the mountain’s height at 20,237 feet, still 686 feet higher than Canada’s Mount Logan, the second-tallest peak on the continent.
We’re a little behind the Alaska media in announcing this story, but AHS’s own Katie Ringsmuth was at the Map Collectors conference in Fairbanks earlier this month where Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell made the Denali announcement. Katie snapped this photo, and there’s our scoop on this story!
According to Gary Holton, director of UAF’s Alaska Native Language Archive who presented at the conference, what we Alaskans call Mount Foraker in the Koyukon language is called Deenaalee Be’ot (the high one’s wife). Another excellent example of why more Alaska Native place names should be included on the map!
Read the Anchorage Daily News story here: