Sun, February 09, 2014

“Heritage of Alaska” TV series digitized by Alaska State Library

From the Alaska State Library comes news of “Heritage of Alaska,” a 1968 television and radio series, that is now digitized and available online at:

Twenty-four of the original thirty-six episodes are held by ASL Historical Collections. Titles include “The Capital Move,” “Flying North,” and “The Story of Attu Baskets.”
Presented by the National Bank of Alaska, “Heritage of Alaska” was created by Elmer Rasmuson and hosted by Rasmuson and Roger Laube. The series’ five-minute episodes highlighted various Alaskan subjects in history, art, and literature.

Take my word for it – click on the above link only when you have a couple hours to spare. You’re going to watch them all. A personal favorite of mine is the episode about the University of Alaska, which has some great shots of campus when the Gruening Building did not yet exist and you could still park your car in front of Constitution Hall.