Tue, April 14, 2020

Research Opportunity in Arctic & Northern Studies at UAF

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is recruiting one student for the Master of Arts in Arctic & Northern Studies to research the Copper Valley School, a Catholic boarding school that was located near Glennallen, Alaska.


Tuition, monthly stipend, and health insurance.

About this Opportunity:

A partnership among Arctic & Northern Studies (ACNS) and the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and the Copper Valley School Association (CVSA) is sponsoring one student to complete the M.A. in Arctic & Northern Studies and to research the history, organization and culture of the Copper Valley School.

The selected student will be a full-time Arctic & Northern Studies M.A. student pursuing either the Northern History or Individualized Concentration. The student will complete the required coursework, comprehensive exams, and project focusing on providing a historical narrative on the Copper Valley School. Throughout the two-year degree, the student will be on an assistantship that will provide tuition, health insurance, and a monthly stipend during the academic year.

All applicants to the M.A. in Arctic & Northern Studies must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA and an undergraduate major GPA of 3.0 or higher. Only one student will be selected for this specific funding opportunity. For more information about the M.A. program, visit:

About the Copper Valley School:

The Copper Valley School was a Catholic boarding school located near Glennallen, Alaska. In 1956, it accepted its first students – orphans from Holy Cross. It was open for fifteen years, growing to serve more than 200 students annually from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, both Catholics and non- Catholics, and Natives and non-Natives. Although the school has been long closed, several alumni meet annually in August for a school reunion. For more information about the school, visit:


If interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Brandon Boylan, Co-Director, Arctic & Northern Studies, at