Wed, September 09, 2020

Statement on Monuments and The Need For More History

In response to current events and after much thought and discussion, the advocacy committee of the Alaska Historical Society has developed a statement about the importance of history and that different perspectives and a diversity of viewpoints matter.

Any historical debate must be informed by evidence, a close engagement with primary sources, and an acknowledgement that history does not always present clear cut answers and easily identifiable heroes and villains. It does, however, present a singular opportunity to think critically about the past, celebrate moments of triumphs, and reckon with injustice. In doing so, history promotes understanding and empathy; it expands our vision for change and enriches our public dialogue.

The Alaska Historical Society, a volunteer-based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Alaska history and education of Alaskans about their heritage, encourages this debate. We believe Alaska’s history should be broadly discussed and much better understood. We encourage our fellow Alaskans to enter discussions of history based on these principles:

Alaska’s history should be understood in full context and always based on the best available evidence.

The full Alaska Historical Society’s Statement on Monuments and The Need For More History is available under the Advocacy portion of the AHS website.