Alaska Historical Society Virtual Conference Information

Guide to participating in the hybrid Alaska Historical Society Conference

Thank you for registering for our 2023 conference. You can access the Conference Program schedule here.

The 2023 Alaska Historical Society Conference will be held in person on the Central Kenai Peninsula as well as virtually over Zoom. Most sessions will be also available via recordings on a password-protected webpage a week after the conference concludes.

How do I join the Conference sessions on Zoom?

There is a primary Zoom room for the conference which will be accessible here each day starting during the first conference session. When you first enter the room there will be a screen welcoming you to the conference. Please be sure to name your Zoom account with the name you registered for conference with, so we know you are a registered participant.

There is also a secondary Zoom room for the Sunday time block that has a concurrent session. You will need to choose which session you’d like to attend. Both will also be recorded.

The concurrent session is:

Zoom Room 1 (access through the main Zoom link)

Sunday, October 8, 9:45- 10:45am

Zoom Room 2 (access through this second, different Zoom link)

Sunday, October 8, 9:45- 10:45am

Virtual Session presenters

Session presenters who are joining us virtually can join the session 15 minutes before it begins. Session presenters who would like to test their tech can reach out to Kaila Pfister for Technical Assistance at or 718-753-2015. Presenters can share their screen for their Powerpoint presentations, but it is also required that you provide a copy of your presentation to Kaila by October 1 so she can have a back-up version.


There should be time at the end of each session for questions, which will be coordinated by the session moderator and tech helper. Virtual participants are encouraged to ask questions for the presenters, just like they would in person. Virtual participants can watch and listen to the presentations and type questions or comments in the chat panel but can only speak when given permission by the moderator to unmute.

Having Issues Accessing the conference?

If you have trouble accessing either Zoom session, contact Kaila Pfister, or text or call (718)753-2015.

Film Screenings

The two short films being shown, Rebuilding Brown and Nourishing the Kenai, will both be available to stream during those portions of the conference.

Learn more about Rebuilding Brown here. Screening was available Friday only.

Learn more about Nourishing the Kenai here. Sunday’s lunch film, Nourishing the Kenai, can be accessed today only at:  Password: farmers


Due to the nature of the tours offered during the conference, virtual attendees will not be able to participate in those parts of the conference.

I have accessibility issues. Can I still participate?

If you have impaired vision or hearing or other accessibility issues, please let us know in advance at so that we can provide support.

I have questions not answered by these instructions. Help!

If you have additional questions, please contact Rachel Mason, Conference Chair, at • 907-240-4917