Current Issue

Volume 37 / Number 2/ Fall 2022


  • Ray Hudson, “The Imaginary Frontier and Its True Poverty: The Aleutian Islands at the End of the Nineteenth and Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries”

  • John W. Heaton, “Al Jolson’s World War II Alaska”

  • Elizabeth Alexander, “The 1937 Cruise of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Northland: Adventures in Early Cold Climate Oceanography”


  • Deb Vanasse, Roar of the Sea: Treachery, Obsession, and Alaska’s Most Valuable Wildlife, Ray Hudson

  • Art Petersen, Promised Lands: Mollie Walsh, An Irish-American Story, Pascale Halliday

  • John J. Michalik, The Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899: Scientists, Naturalists, Artists and Others Document America’s Last Frontier, Angela Schmidt

  • James Chiao and Philip Chiao, editors, The Scandal of the West Coast Salmon Canning Industry, The Price of Salmon, Max Stern 1922, Diane E. Cooper

  • Diane J. Purvis, Ragged Coast, Rugged Coves: Labor, Culture, and Politics in Southeast Alaska Canneries, Bob King

  • Coleen Graybill and John Edward Graybill, Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska – The Lost Photographs, Tim Troll

  • Tom Kizzia, Cold Mountain Path: The Ghost Town Decades of McCarthy-Kennecott, Alaska, Steve Haycox

  • James T. Bartlett, The Alaskan Blonde: Sex, Secrets, and the Hollywood Story that Shocked America, Susan Wibker

  • Naomi Gaede-Penner, The Bush Doctor’s Wife, Hild Peters

  • James Brooks, 9.2: Kodiak and the World’s Second-Largest Earthquake, Amy Phillips-Chan

  • Tabitha Gregory, Valdez Rises: One Town’s Struggle For Survival After the Great Alaska Earthquake, Daniel Joling

  • Monroe Robinson, The Handcrafted Life of Dick Proenneke, Philip S. Marshall

  • Erick Haakenson, An Alaskan Odyssey: Coming of Age in the Bering Sea, Toby Sullivan

  • Donald Craig Mitchell, Tribal Sovereignty in Alaska: How it Happened, What it Means, Ian Hartman