Current Issue

 Volume 34 / Number 1/ Spring 2019


  • Thomas Alton, “The Progressive Incubator: A Political History of the Alaska Railroad, 1914–1923”
  • Zachary R. Jones, “Battlefield Alaska: The U.S. Army’s 1869 Bombardment of the Tlingit Village of Khaachxhan.áak’w”
  • Pierce A. Bateman, “Vanishing In Plain Sight: The Alaska Steamship Company and the Trope of the Vanishing Indian, 1895–1954”


  • Andrei Val’terovich Grinev, Russian Colonization of Alaska: Preconditions, Discovery, and Initial Development, 1741–1799, Andrei Znamenski
  • Peter Johnson, A Not-So-Savage Land: The Art and Times of Frederick Whymper, 1838–1901, Chris Allan
  • Michael Dunham, The Man Who Bought Alaska: William H. Seward and The Man Who Sold Alaska: Tsar Alexander II of Russia, Michael Hawfield
  • Daniel Lee Henry, Across the Shaman’s River: John Muir, the Tlingit Stronghold, and the Opening of the North, Bruce Merrell/
  • Michael Koskey, Laurel Tyrrell, Varpu Lotvonen, Through Their Eyes: a community history of Eagle, Circle, and Central, David Neufeld
  • Shana F. Loshbaugh, editor, 150 Years: Proceedings of the 2017 Kenai Peninsula History Conference, Diane Olthuis
  • Karen Brewster, For the Love of Freedom: Miners, Trappers, Hunting Guides, and Homesteaders, An Ethnographic Overview and Assessment, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, Geoffrey Bleakley
  • Carla Williams, Wildcat Women: Narratives of Women Breaking Ground in Alaska’s Oil and Gas Industry, Becky Watson
  • Julie Decker, editor, North: Finding Place in Alaska, Ron Inouye
  • Carl Johnson, Where Water is Gold: Life and Livelihood in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, Tim Troll
  • Frank Soos and Mary F. Ehrlander, editors, The Big Wild Soul of Terrence Cole: An Eclectic Collection to Honor Alaska’s Public Historian, James H. Ducker