Current Issue

 Volume 35 / Number 2/ Fall 2020


  • Katherine Ringsmuth, “Cannery Caretakers: The Entwined Histories of the Diamond NN Cannery, South Naknek Village, and the Spanish Flu of 1919”
  • Tim Troll, “Doctor Linus H. French, the Origins of Healthcare in Bristol Bay, and the Spanish Flu of 1919”
  • Robert W. King, “Bristol Bay Sockeye in 1919: The Salmon Collapse and Promulgation of Fishing Regulations after World War I”


  • Georg Wilhelm Steller, Eastbound through Siberia: Observations from the Great Northern Expedition, Marvin Falk
  • Richard Ravalli, Sea Otters: A History, Spencer Abbe
  • James R. Gibson, editor, “Opposition on the Coast”: The Hudson’s Bay Company, American Coasters, the Russian-American Company, and Native traders on the Northwest Coast, 1825–1846, Ilya Vinkovetsky
  • Chris Allan, Fortune’s Distant Shores: A History of the Kotzebue Sound Gold Stampede in Alaska’s Arctic, Kathryn Morse
  • Emily L. Moore, Proud Raven, Panting Wolf: Carving Alaska’s New Deal Totem Parks, Megan A. Smetzer
  • Jon Mooallem, This Is Chance! The Shaking of an All-American City, A Voice That Held It Together, Lael Morgan
  • Stephen W. Haycox, Alaska: An American Colony, Michael A. Hill
  • Ian C. Hartman, Black History in the Last Frontier, Albert S. Broussard
  • Jenanne Ferguson, Words Like Birds: Sakha Language Discourses and Practices in the City, D. Roy Mitchell IV