Current Issue

 Volume 33 / Number 2/ Fall 2018


  • Frank Norris, “A Victim of Overoptimism and Bureaucratic Neglect: A History of Old Kasaan National Monument”
  • M. J. Kirchhoff, “Pierre Berton’s The Klondike Fever: Sixty Years Later, a Critical Review”
  • Andrei V. Grinëv, Richard Bland (trans.), “The Notes of Mikhail Vavilov: An Unknown Source on the Last Years of Russian America”


  • James K. Barnett, editor, Captain Cook’s Final Voyage: The Untold Story from the Journals of James Burney and Henry Roberts, Marilyn R. Knapp
  • James K. Barnett, Captain George Vancouver in Alaska and the North Pacific, Gary C. Stein
  • John R. Bockstoce, White Fox and Icy Seas in the Western Arctic: The Fur Trade, Transportation, and Change in the Early Twentieth Century, Gary C. Stein
  • William Schneider, The Tanana Chiefs: Native Rights and Western Law, Stephen Haycox
  • Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan, Trails Across Time: History of an Alaska Mountain Corridor, Erik Johnson
  • Fred E. Woods, Melting the Ice: A History of Latter-day Saints in Alaska, Mary Ehrlander
  • Kathleen Witkowska Tarr, We Are All Poets Here: Thomas Merton’s 1968 Journey to Alaska, a shared story about spiritual seeking, Barbara Hood