Current Issue

Volume 37 / Number 1/ Spring 2022


  • Leanna Prax Williams, “Missing from the Northern Sky: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the Searches for Russ Merrill and Carl Ben Eielson, 1929–1930”
  • Chris Allan, “Of Men and Beasts: The Curious History of Sheldon Jackson’s Reindeer and the U.S. Government’s Klondike Relief Expedition”
  • Zachary R. Jones, “‘Góon dáanaa een áwé kawduwat’íý’ aý jeeyís yá kées, This bracelet was pounded out of a gold coin for me’: A History of Early Tlingit Silversmiths”


  • Gary C. Stein, editor, “I Wish You Could Come Too”: The Alaska Diaries of Dr. James Taylor White, 1889, 1890, 1894, 1900-1901, Dennis L. Noble
  • Brian G. Shellum, Buffalo Soldiers in Alaska: Company L, Twenty-Fourth Infantry, Ian C. Hartman
  • Juliana Hu Pegues, Space-Time Colonialism: Alaska’s Indigenous and Asian Entanglements, John S. Whitehead